LoVo was born Claudio Lovo, in 1955, in León, Nicaragua. At a very young age Claudio showed an interest for all things creative. His prolific artistic expressions came in the form of short stories, poetry and painting. During his teens he developed a fascination with photography, a passion that has now spanned more than three decades.

As an artist Claudio is constantly looking for the edge in his craft as a photographer. His images are blended and distorted at will into surreal and penetrating landscapes resulting in a technique he calls the “quantum method.” The outcome is eclectic and iconoclastic works of art without definition in time or space.

LoVo’s exhibitions draw huge crowds and have a wide appeal in the internet social media venues such as Facebook and Twitter. His work is privately collected in few limited or one-of-a-kind prints, making his series such as “Surreal States of My Mind,” “Iconoclastic Me,” and “Urban Melt” coveted modern classics.

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